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Lunch and dinner in a genuine old-fashioned inn and tavern

Hold your conference in an authentic 18th century inn and tavern. We serve delicious Swedish home cooking prepared with care and a love of Swedish food culture.

  • Organizer:Lövstabruks Värdshus
  • Product:restaurang
  • Time:Året runt
  • Location:Tierp, Lövsta bruk
  • Travelers:Max 70 personer
  • From:105 SEK/person
  • Tel:+46 294 311 00

Throughout time, inns have been traditional places for meetings, a moment of respite in a journey, and a bit of well-prepared food and a relaxing drink. At the Lövstabruks inn and tavern, we do our utmost to make sure that you can enjoy delicious traditional Swedish home cooking in a welcoming environment. If you’d like to stay after your meal, we have twenty rooms for you to choose from. Welcome!

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