In June 2011, UNESCO´s Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) designated our region to be a Biosphere Reserve due to the unique natural and cultural enviroments in the area.

Träff om naturbeteskött från Nedre Dalälven, 18 mars

Träff om naturbeteskött från Nedre Dalälven, 18 mars

Är du nötköttsproducent, kostchef, grossist eller politiker med intresse för naturbeteskött? På denna träff där du får lära dig mer om och diskutera frågor om naturbete, miljö, certifiering och marknad.

Kurs i Naturnära Skogsbruk, februari 2019

Kurs i Naturnära Skogsbruk, februari 2019

Ett trettiotal skogsägare och andra intresserade samlades helgen 2-3 februari 2019 i Stjärnsund för en tvådagarskurs i den hyggesfria skogsbruksformen Naturnära skogsbruk. More...

Studieresa i biosfärområdet

NeDa:s studieresa 2018-09-13

För att lära känna området och få veta mera om de verksamheter som finns i vårt Biosfärområde gjordes en inspirations- och studieresa, den här gången gick färden österut. Med på resan var ett 20-tal personer från NeDa:s personal, styrelse, turismnätverk och LAG. More...

Biosfärarbetet prioriteras i Nedre Dalälven

Projekt för ökad hävd av älvängar och andra sidvallsängar

Not prioritized but approved

LIFE RiMe 2.0

The evaluation report from the EU commsission regarding the LIFE application stated that the application had enough points to be approved but other applications were prioritized. Together with the County Administration Board and Bergvik Skog we will aim to submit an improved application in 2017 or 2018. More...

Bush trip in the river landscape

Sweden overgrows

September 9th 2016 we arranged a Bushtrip at the request of the rural network. The vegetation in Sweden is taking over our landscapes. Pastures disappears. Together with the rural network, Upplandsstiftelsen and LRF we wanted to tell you about that. More...


LIFE application sent and grazing of meadows within LEADER

All according to plan, the application for the project Life Älväng was sent to the European Commission in October 2015. A decision from the Commission is expected in June 2016. An project application is also being written for Leader Nedre Dalälven. More...

Micro seminar EPA

Presentation of our collaboration

March 11, the Nedre Dalälvscollboration and its biosphere activities will be presented in a mini-seminar at the Environmental Protection Agency. It will focus on fish migration, grazing of river meadows, mosquito control and community-led local development. More...

NordMAB October 2015

NordMAB conference in the River Landscape

Each year the northernmost Biosphere Reserves gather for a conference. Sweden was this year's host country, and the conference was held in Nedre Dalälven, with accommodation and conference at the City Hotel in Säter. More...

Approved funding for LIFE application

LIFE River meadows

Nedre Dalälven have been granted fundings to write an application for the project LIFE river meadows by the Environmental Protection Agency. In line with our ambition we are given the opportunity to continue the work with grazing our river meadows traditionally. The idea of the project is that most of the meadows along the Lower Dal river is to be restored into open pastures as they were in the past. More...

EuroMAB May 2015

Network meeting in Haapsaluu, Estonia

EuroMAB is a network for the biosphere reserves located in Europe and North America. Every two years delegates from each reserve get together and this year the conference was held in Haapsalu, Estonia. The conferences is valuable to exchange experiences and a number of joint meetings and workshops are conducted. More...