Bushtrip in Biosphere Reserve River Landscape Nedre Dalälven

September 9th 2016 we arranged a Bushtrip at the request of the rural network.  

The vegetation in Sweden is taking over our landscapes. Pastures disappears. Together with the rural network, Upplandsstiftelsen and LRF we wanted to tell you about that. The so-called bush trips gives politicians and officials, among others, the opportunity to go on a tour through a landscape shaped by decades of political decisions and market developments.
According to Agriculture's database, 18% of the valuable meadows and pastures have lost their natural and cultural values ​​in only ten years. During the same period, about 10% of all pastures are no longer used. In some regions, grassland management ceased to half of all farmed land in the last 80 years. The consequence is overgrowth. And the trend is that it will continue if nothing is done about it.
In a common bus, we heard from farmers about how it was before, how the situation is today and what consequences it has for the future. We also made field visits to see how it might look, both overgrown areas that previously was cultivated land but also in areas that have been grazed and cultivated.
Issues discussed during the day included:
What is the problem?
What benefit to society can be achieved through increased grazing?
What opportunities are there to solve the problem and achieve these social benefits?
What are the obstacles to implementing these solutions?
How can I help to eliminate these barriers and facilitate the implementation of solutions to the problem?
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