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Nedre Dalälven has a prime location. For day trips and longer excursions, absolutely, but maybe also as a place to move to or set up your business in. The area offers a vibrant countryside well within reasonable commuting distance to a number of large cities.

The river is the uniting force for the Nedre Dalälven area. Throughout history, it has influenced both the nature and the culture of the surrounding countryside. The Nedre Dalälven River Landscape has been designated by UNESCO as one of the country’s seven Biosphere Reserves. This is not only a seal of quality for Nedre Dalälven’s high nature and culture values and for the work that has been conducted for decades, but also represents a new platform for collaboration, research and creative solutions. For a sustainable future, for people and for nature.

The nine municipalities of Nedre Dalälven present themselves in more detail here. Make yourself at home!

The 9 Nedre Dalälven municipalities
Welcome to Nedre Dalälven