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What is a biospherical experience? 
For us, it is an experience that contains one or more of the following ingredients: learning about and within cultural areas or nature, practical “testing-out” participation in an activity springing from thoughts about sustainable development, spending time in natural or cultural environments, health-promoting experiences in nature, exploratory encounters with the district’s food and locally produced products, and inspirational personal meetings with knowledgeable people.
An organizer who thinks sustainably
The idea is that the organizer of the “biospherical experience” has thought about how they want to relate to the three aspects of social, environmental and economic sustainable development, and that their offerings reflect this. We encourage cooperation between multiple organizers and the development of new concepts with a strong sustainability stamp.
Inspiration from those who care
Our hope is that you will get a feel for the part of the Biosphere Reserve that you visit, that you will build a deeper relationship with nature and gain an enhanced understanding of sustainable solutions, and that all your experiences in Nedre Dalälven will be enriching. 

Embark on a biospherical experience
Would you like to offer a biospherical experience?
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