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We work for positive developments in the Nedre Dalälven area

The Nedre Dalälven Collaboration (NeDa) works for positive developments in the Nedre Dalälven area by promoting: 

- tourism and other enterprise
- the influx of new residents and businesses to the region
- coordination between stakeholders and over administrative borders, and
- a differentiated business community and improved infrastructure

The development work takes into account the interests of businesses in the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector, nature and culture environmental interests and the other distinctive qualities of the area.
The Nedre Dalälven Collaboration
In light of both the favorable and the inauspicious conditions in the area, public and private stakeholders came together in 1986 to form the special interest association Nedre Dalälvens Intresseförening and its subsidiary development company, Nedre Dalälvens utvecklingsaktiebolag. The association and company go by the joint name of the Nedre Dalälven Collaboration or NeDa.

NeDa is owned by the members in the parent company. These consist of large institutions with interests in the region, in the form of larger companies, municipalities and organizations, as well as a number of small-scale companies in the tourism sector. 

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The association’s and the company’s board of directors have an identical composition. The board members and deputies are representatives of all the municipalities that touch the Lower Dalälven River as well as representatives for different sectors in the business community.

See the current Board of Directors here  

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