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Sights and attractions
Where history comes to life
A big reason to visit Sala is, of course, the historic Sala Silver Mine. There, you can experience and learn about the history of Sala, Västmanland County and Sweden. You can take a guided tour of the mine and visit the attractions above ground. But Sala also has so much more to offer! In the city, which was founded by King Gustav II Adolf in 1624, you can experience even more history as you walk past the well-preserved 18th-century houses on Magasinsgatan street, study the oddly tilting Bellanderska garden building from the 1760s, or stop by the town hall from the same period. In Sala, there are churches from both the 17th century and from the time when Sweden was Christianized. One of the walls of the Sala parish church was even built with a Viking runestone.
Shopping, cafés and more!
The city of Sala has a very picturesque and cozy city center, built with all of the style of the Renaissance. Here you will find small and medium-sized local shops that offer most things between heaven and earth – clothes, jewelry, gifts, toys and technology – everything you could want. In addition, you will find the Galleria Sala Torg shopping center, with several well-known retail chains right next to the cobblestone-adorned large city square. This square is the center of city life, where two lively markets also open every year in the spring and autumn. When hunger or coffee cravings strike, you can slip into one of the city’s many restaurants and cafés, for a tasty lunch or a great cup of coffee. Children will also love the large playground in the city park – it is so popular that preschool children from neighboring cities regularly come to visit it during the day for hours of fun.

In the villages around Sala, you will also find many interesting things to do. For example, you can have a relaxing spa weekend at Sätra Brunn or a journey through the wilderness by canoe in Svartådalen. There is so much to discover and explore in Sala and its nearby areas.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Sustainable development initiatives
Today, both Sala Municipality and the rest of the world face major environmental and sustainability challenges. The goal of Sala Municipality is to grow while ensuring conditions for a good quality of life and a healthy environment. The municipality’s sustainability work is guided by Agenda 2030, the EU’s principles for gender equality, accessibility, non-discrimination and ecologically sustainable development, as well as by adopted national and regional environmental goals.
What do we do?
The municipality’s environmental goals focus mainly on four areas: reduced climate impact, good quality of life, eco-friendly services and sustainable consumption. Our choices matter, and all steps are important to bring about the big changes in the long run. Sustainability requirements are set in all municipal procurements and the public meal consists of a high proportion of organic and Swedish food. A large part of the municipality’s energy supply is based entirely on renewable electricity and heat and we are working for a fossil-free vehicle fleet by 2024. The municipal housing company and energy company are already fossil-free!
What can everyone do?
Energy use is costly for both the environment and your wallet. Sala Municipality offers free energy advice that can help you reduce your energy consumption. Energy and climate advice is available for the general public, companies and organizations.

In Sala, it’s free to take the bus. This not only has social benefits, but also offers residents a climate-neutral transport alternative because the buses used in public transit run completely on biogas produced from the compost waste of municipal residents. A LEADER-financed project is also underway, aimed at investigating the possibilities for local production of biogas using fertilizer as a substrate. More than 506 people in the municipality of Sala are employed in green industries, and residents and visitors can support local businesses by choosing sustainable, locally produced food.

Sala also has a vibrant tourism and hospitality industry, with great opportunities to vacation more locally for a reduced climate impact. Sala’s official event and visitor guide, Destination Sala, has suggestions and recommendations for exploring the municipality. Since 2016, Sala residents have also had the opportunity to share or borrow equipment for recreational activities from Fritidsbanken.
Welcome to Sala eco-municipality!
Welcome to Nedre Dalälven