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Sustainability in focus
Today, both Sala Municipality and the rest of the world face major environmental and sustainability challenges. Our goal is for Sala Municipality to grow while also ensuring conditions for a good quality of life and a healthy environment. The municipality’s sustainability work is guided by the 2030 Agenda, the EU’s principles for gender equality, accessibility, non-discrimination and ecologically sustainable development, as well as by adopted national and regional environmental goals.
What do we do?
The municipality’s environmental goals focus mainly on four areas: reduced climate impact, good quality of life, eco-friendly services, and sustainable consumption. Our choices matter, and all steps are important to bring about the big changes in the long run. Sustainability requirements are set in all municipal procurements and the public meal consists of a high proportion of organic and Swedish food. A large part of the municipality’s energy supply is based entirely on renewable electricity and heat and we are working for a fossil-free vehicle fleet by 2024. The municipal housing company and energy company are already fossil-free!
What can everyone do?
Energy use is costly for both the environment and your wallet. Sala Municipality offers free energy advice that can help you reduce your energy consumption. Energy and climate advice is available for the general public, companies and organizations.

In Sala Municipality, it’s free to take the bus. This not only has social benefits, but also offers residents a climate-neutral transport alternative because the buses used in public transit run completely on biogas produced from the compost waste of municipal residents. A LEADER-financed project is also underway, aimed at investigating the possibilities for local production of biogas using fertilizer as a substrate. In Sala Municipality, more than 506 people are employed in green industries, and residents can support local businesses by choosing sustainable, locally produced food.

Sala also has a vibrant tourism and hospitality industry, with great opportunities to vacation more locally for a reduced climate impact. Sala’s official event and visitor guide, Destination Sala, has suggestions and recommendations for exploring Sala Municipality. Since 2016, Sala residents have also had the opportunity to share or borrow equipment for recreational activities from our “recreational bank,” Fritidsbanken.
Welcome to Sala Eco-Municipality!
Biosphere Municipality
Sala is a large municipality in terms of geographical area, and you’ll find wide-open spaces of scenic countryside, forest and fields. One example is our pearl in the north, Svartådalen, an oasis where you can experience nature’s true soul. Active efforts are underway in the area to highlight nature values in combination with business activities in a long-term and sustainable way. A range of different activities – from canoeing to farm stays to cabin rentals – are offered by several different actors in the area. Just striking out into the countryside on your own, maybe to visit the famous Hälle ruins after the big forest fire of 2014, is also not a bad idea. Give it a try!
Welcome to Nedre Dalälven