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In Sala, we think long-term, have a strong belief in the future and strive to ensure a good quality of life for everyone. This has given us an attractiveness that we are proud of.

For Sala to grow, we have to facilitate the establishment of new businesses and housing. Good reception and service are crucial factors and our work is based on an effective establishment process aimed at diversifying our business community. There are a number of actors working in the areas of hospitality, tourism and trade, everything from small companies and family businesses to larger corporations and famous attractions such as the historic Sala Silver Mine. We strive actively to win over visitors and turn them into new Sala residents and/or business owners. Be one of us – choose Sala!
How we work sustainably for the future
To keep the important countryside around Sala vibrant, we let our work be permeated by always keeping important infrastructure top of mind. We will always work to increase satisfaction with our municipal services among our businesses, in both the city and countryside. Lots of new things are being planned for the coming years in housing, schools and recreation – in and on the outskirts of Sala and throughout the municipality. This paves the way for a great business climate.
Welcome to Nedre Dalälven