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Grill hut in Tyttbo for parties and gatherings

Small gatherings, parties and events, or just some time for yourself in nature’s embrace. Generous accommodation options for various types of overnight stays in small groups. The Eldpallkojan, or “grill hut” as many guests call it, is a traditional Swedish rustic log cabin with a central fire pit and seating for about 40 people – just perfect for cozy gatherings around the open fire. The…

  • Organizer:Tyttbo Forsfiske
  • Product:aktivitet
  • Time:Maj-November
  • Location:Tyttbo forsfiske, By kyrkby
  • Travelers:10 - 40 personer
  • From:500 SEK
  • Tel:+46 70 991 7777

You can stay in a double room at the hostel, camp in tents, caravans or RVs at the small campground with a service building, or enjoy a more home-like stay at Tyttbo Gård with access to a spacious kitchen. There are many different options to choose from for your gathering, from a short meeting of a few hours to longer stays for a family reunion or other event. We will of course happily answer any questions you may have and would love to help with advice to make sure your gathering is just the way you want it. If you rent the entire facility, you have access to 8 campsites and 16 beds, service building and “grill hut”.

Included: Eldpallkojan: seating for 35–40 persons. Opportunity for fishing and access to boats.

Projector screen is mounted for showing of presentations/films.

If you would like accommodation in connection with your time at Eldpallkojan, please contact us to see if there is available capacity. What is an Eldpallkoja? Read about it here (in Swedish):

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