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Fishing as wellness, Sivans fiske

Come and unwind and strengthen your body and soul by “fishing yourself healthy”.

  • Organizer:Sivans Fiske
  • Product:fiske
  • Time:Hela året
  • Location:Nedre Dalälvsområdet, Alvkarleby
  • Travelers:1-6 personer
  • From:Se hemsida
  • Tel:+46 70 292 2583

Many people suffer from both physical and mental ill health. Taking advantage of nature’s health-promoting effects helps you to strengthen your psyche, soul and body and provides inner peace. Research shows that nature reduces stress and improves recuperation, has a calming effect on us, lowers stress hormone levels and provides effective recovery, among many other benefits. When you participate in this wellness experience, you do yourself a great kindness. We look forward to your booking!

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