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Fishing license, Tyttbo Forsfiske

You can purchase a fishing license at, (-10% for Sportfiskarna members) or Maps with borders, rules and prices are available on the websites. NOTE: all fish are covered under C&R regardless of species or season.

  • Organizer:Tyttbo Forsfiske
  • Product:fiske
  • Time:April-November
  • Location:Tyttboforsen, Tyttbo
  • Travelers:Upp till ca 30 personer
  • From:130 SEK/vuxen
  • Tel:+46 70 991 7777

If you would like to rent a boat, please contact us for more information. Boat availability is limited, and we appreciate a few days’ notice. Fishing can be combined with Camping, Hostel or Stay at Tyttbo gård. Fishing along the banks of the Dalälven in a connected rapids area with waters that can be reached from the paths along the shorelines. These are located in the northernmost part of the Färnebofjärden National Park, and National Park rules apply. You also have access to the National Park’s lean-tos and barbecue facilities. As a National Park Partner, we work to ensure that the species naturally distributed throughout the park can develop as much as possible in popular and valued fishing waters.

Included: The waters have healthy currents and are very rocky, with both eddies and calmer areas. Water levels vary drastically depending on current water flows. This also affects the fishing and fishing methods. We are of course happy to assist you with information on the current situation.

The beach is difficult to access during high water flows. The rocks can be slippery and fishing from the beach requires a certain level of experience fishing in strong currents. We advise against wading or using any form of floating craft in the rapids.

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