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Regenerative cultivation

We focus on developing and enriching the soil – and get delicious and nutritious produce in return for our efforts. Our gardening methods also help to increase the carbon incorporation in the soil and benefit the soil’s micro-organisms. Come and talk to us about different methods and take soil samples! We alternate theories on regenerative cultivation with looking at and examining the crops.

  • Organizer:Babedotte
  • Product:slowtrips
  • Time:Vecka 20-40
  • Location:Sörgärsbo, Västerfärnebo
  • Travelers:Minst 2
  • From:400 SEK/person
  • Tel:+46 70 574 6683

Soil erosion is a global problem, which every year drastically reduces the arable land worldwide. It is also a real and increasing problem in Sweden. This is not something we can solve on our small farm, but what we can do is help to reduce the problem, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Our efforts also give us a more resilient growing environment, with more life in the soil, a better ability to handle rain and drought and – not least – more nutrition and good flavor in our vegetables. About three hours of presentation, discussion, and tour of our crops. Refreshments included.

Included: Weather-appropriate clothing – we are outside the entire time.

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