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Färnebofjärden Fishery Conservation Area

About us:

Färnebofjärden is located in Nedre Dalälven. The bay begins downstream of the Tyttbo rapids, at the border between Västmanland and Dalarna, and widens out past Östa and Österfärnebo to upstream of the rapids over Gysinge. At 5,000 hectares (12,355 acres), Färnebofjärden is one of the largest bays along the entire length of the Dalälven River and, it is said, “with as many islands as the year has days.” Fishing enthusiasts will marvel at the rich variation of Färnebofjärden, with wide bays and fjords dotted with islands, narrow straits and shallow areas in sand or large boulders, as well as extreme drops down to 20 meters deep and many nice backwaters. For specimen anglers looking to add new species to their list, Färnebofjärden has over 20 fish species to tempt you. Färnebofjärden National Park was inaugurated in 1998 and is also part of the core area for the Nedre Dalälven River Landscape Biosphere Reserve. Fish and fishermen alike thrive here, as does the wildlife both on land, in the water and in the air!


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  • Address:C/o Ordf Maria Vestlund, Laggarbovägen 10, SE 811 98 Österfärnebo
  • Tel:+46 70 374 3870